Future Post performance and environmental benefits

Future proof your project

Future Post products are a range of 100% recycled, UV stabilised plastic posts suitable for use in conventional and specialised applications, offering an environmentally sound, sustainable solution for years to come.

Future Posts can be purchased at wholesale prices direct from the factory, or through a select number of rural supplies stockists.

Post Sizes


116mm × 2.4m (vineyard post)

125mm × 1.8m

125mm × 2.1m

125mm × 2.4m

125mm × 2.7m

200mm × 1.2m (bollard)

200mm × 2.4m

200mm × 2.7m

200mm × 3.0m


135mm × 135mm × 1.8m

135mm × 135mm × 2.4m

Garden Box Kitsets

1935mm L × 1035mm W × 405mm H

2535mm L × 1035mm W × 405mm H

Conveniently pre-cut to size and come with long Spax screws for joining.

Custom sizes by request

One Solution

One solution for a range of needs. Our posts are multi-purposed and can be utilised across a range of sectors from Agriculture to Marine.



Our posts are a popular farm and rural fencing solution. Compared to traditional CCA-treated timber, Future Posts don’t rot, leach CCA chemicals or require insulators making them particularly suitable for electric fencing, waterways and organic farms.



Save $000s per hectare by using a 100% recycled plastic vineyard post that is highly durable to the rigours of vineyard life, and supports your sustainability goals. Learn more about our Viticulture solutions and why Future Posts are in high demand by other wine growers.



The horticulture and organic sectors have shown great interest in an alternative post option that is organic certified and CCA free – and with good reason. Find out why Future Posts are a good choice for your horticulture business.



Looking for an equine fencing product that is smart, safe and secure? A product that is not only extremely resistant to crib biters but also contains valuable "feel good factor"! Discover why Future Posts are the perfect choice for your equine block.



Future Posts 100% recycled plastic composition is rot-free and denser than regular wood – providing a highly durable and long-lasting solution for marine and coastal projects.



Looking for a product that instantly looks smart in the fence line and garden landscaping while helping to support New Zealand’s environment at the same time? Take a look at the ways you can put Future Posts to good use around your residential property or lifestyle block.



Are you involved with a Council, Commercial or Community project that is committed to utilising sustainable, award-winning, locally made products? Explore the reasons why Future Posts are the ideal solution.


Interested in finding out more? Download our useful resources below.

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Installation Guidelines
Independant Leaching Report
Manufacturer's Warranty