Vineyard Use

Save $000s per hectare by using a 100% recycled plastic vineyard post that is highly durable to the rigours of vineyard life, and supports your sustainability goals. Learn more about our Viticulture solutions and why Future Posts are in high demand by other wine growers.

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­­NZ Made Award-Winning, Solid, Durable, Environmentally Friendly Posts for Vineyard Use.

Made from 100% recycled waste plastics diverted from national landfill mixed with UV Carbon Black results in a strong, workable, long-lasting post that is proving highly durable to mechanical harvest, heavy canopies, tractor knocks and strong winds.

Being 100% recyclable again should they ever break solves all CCA treated timber “end of life” disposal issues, while the added advantage of certified Bio Gro Organic status helps open up new product lines and markets.

With the ability to recycle vineyard and winery waste plastics to turn back into vineyard posts, and then provide measurable statistics on your total waste diversion from landfill, Future Post offers a very appealing sustainability story to add to your branding for both the eco-conscious grower and consumer.

Features & Benefits

Proven Durability

After 4+ seasons use, no intermediate posts have been broken by mechanical harvest, strong winds, machinery knocks or vine stripping.

No CCA-treated timber disposal issues

Future Posts are 100% re-recyclable into new posts, solving all broken CCA-treated timber post disposal issues.

Higher Profits

With higher durability and no expensive end-of-life CCA-treated post disposal costs, Future Posts can save $000s per hectare per year over a vineyard’s life.

Vineyard Compatible

Machine harvesting and vine stripping: YES! Regular clip attachment: YES! Strong and durable: YES! 100% Recycled and Recyclable: YES! Cost-effective: YES! Warranty: YES!

Organic Certified by Bio Gro New Zealand.

Future Posts are CCA-free.

Less Missed Fruit During Mechanical Harvest

Growers have reported noticing fruit located after / in the shadow of their Future Posts being picked cleaner than fruit growing next to other more rigid post options which can be left behind.

High Density = High Grip Retention

Posts do not dry out, split or crack and hold onto your clips and attachments.

Good Footing combined with some additional Flex

Proven to help support vineyard rows against high winds.

Install using Post Driver or Vibrating Digger Head

Attach clips, wires and drip line using nails, staples or screws - we can advise if any minor adaptions are required to enhance your individual workability requirements. Posts can also be cut, drilled and bolted. The small amount of flex seen during initial installation is the exact same reason why posts are proving so highly durable to vineyard life.

Full Rounds for Strength & Ease

Round shaped posts offer strength advantages for directional winds, easier installation and easy clip attachment anywhere on the post.

Non-corrosive and No Noise

Against wires/clips, windy sites or coastal regions.

Do not rot, split or crack

No rotting from irrigation or flooding, plus by being impenetrable to moisture, frost, insects and fungi may help reduce sooty moulds and resident insects.

Closing the Loop on Vineyard Waste

Future Post can recycle your vineyard waste plastics including drip line, vine sleeves, containers, drums, packaging and more to create a fully circular story!

Measurable Waste Diversion

We can provide you with measurable statistics on your total waste diversion from landfill by weight of your recycling processed and recycled post use, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Contact our friendly team for more information
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"It is a huge advantage in both time and cost savings not having to walk every row and push/pull every single post after harvest in our Future Post block.

The clip retention is proving excellent too. I am very happy with our Future Posts to date and am using them for replacements in the rest of the vineyard as well, knowing they are a one-off replacement and also fully recyclable if ever required.
We are also recycling our old vine sleeves, pipes and containers back into posts which is great for sustainability measures."

Jeremy Dennis

Vineyard Manager

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