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The horticulture and organic sectors have shown great interest in an alternative post option that is organic certified and CCA free – and with good reason. Find out why Future Posts are a good choice for your horticulture business.

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NZ Made Award-Winning, Solid, Durable, Environmentally Friendly Posts for Horticultural Use.

Our completely solid plastic posts contain a carbon black UV stabiliser resulting in a strong, workable, long-lasting post that is highly durable to mechanical harvest, heavy canopies, tractor knocks and strong winds.

Bio Gro New Zealand organic certification helps growers create new product lines and secure new markets.

Being 100% re-recyclable by Future Post, CCA treated timber “end of life” disposal costs are eliminated.

Future Posts offer a very appealing sustainability story for both the eco-conscious grower and consumer.

Features & Benefits

Organic Certified with Bio Gro New Zealand

No CCA chemical leaching into soil or water.

Do not rot, split or crack

No rotting from irrigation or flooding, plus by being impenetrable to moisture, frost, insects and fungi may help reduce sooty moulds and resident insects.

Strong Under Pressure

Strength tested as strong as timber equivalents and with very high load bearing capacity to support heavy orchard canopies.

Good Footing combined with some additional Flex

Proven to help support rows against high winds and heavy loads.

Proven Highly Durable Performance

After 4+ seasons use, no intermediate posts broken caused by mechanical harvest, strong winds, machinery knocks or vine stripping

High Density = High Grip Retention

Posts do not dry out and hold onto your clips and attachments.

100% Recyclable again by Future Post

Should they ever break - solving all broken CCA treated timber post disposal issues and costs.

Install using Post Driver or Vibrating Digger Head

Attach clips, wires and drip line using nails, staples or screws. Posts can also be cut, drilled and bolted.

Non-corrosive and No Noise

Against wires/clips, windy sites or coastal regions.

Close The Loop!

Our posts can include your horticultural waste plastics including used drip line, vine sleeves, containers, drums and packaging to create a fully circular story.

Measurable Waste Diversion

We can provide you with measurable statistics on your total waste diversion from landfill by weight of your recycling processed and recycled post use, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

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"When we decided to setup our new 10ha kiwifruit development, I was very interested in using Future Posts because I could see long-term benefit in a rot resistant, CCA-free post that also shows high durability for load bearing.

It took us a bit of time initially to master the installation of this new product, however we soon adapted a few things and are now extremely hapy with the result. We are proud to actively support NZ recycling too."

Kiwigold's development (so far!) has diverted a whopping 167 tonnes of waste plastic from landfill - equivalent to around 2.13 MILLION milk bottles and 9.5 million BREAD BAGS.

Liam Reed

Kiwigold Orchards Ltd


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